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    It is very difficult to find doggie coats for our long haired standard dachshund. Yesterday we received our Tara's Tartan and Fleece coats in the post and they fit her perfectly. Excellent and quick service. Big Thank You ladies. x

    Joyce Barry
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    Collected my beautiful hand made memory foam dogs bed yesterday. The dogs & humans are loving it. It's amazingly comfy looks fantastic and oozes quality. Thank you so much for your hard work - we love it and will definitely be back.

    Georgie Argyris
  • Customer Testimonails

    What a perfect fit. Thank you for impeccable service and fabulous products. We will be back.

    Emma & Alan xThomasina & Angustina
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    My beautiful French Mastiff recently had his second knee operation. I contacted Beau Beau for a memory foam bed for him to provide him with the comfort and support he needed during his recovery. The beds are fantastic as they can be wiped clean, and they are really strong as my dog likes to claw at his bed before he lays down. I am over the moon with his bed and they made it for me very quickly when he really needed it. I would highly recommend Beau Beau for beds and coats

    Thank you from Obi xxxx
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    My names Matilda, I'm on holiday in Cornwall and I keep getting shivers when I get out of the sea, I visited a stall at Sennon market and my mummy bought me a new fleece, it is pawfect and keeps me very warm and dry and it looks pretty too, thank you Beau Beau's coats.

    Becki Starkings
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    Here we are in our gorgeous coats. Mummy said we look handsome, but it's a shame Miss M was too lazy to stand up. We love our coats though. Thank you very much.

    George, Milly & Mummy xxx xxx xxx
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    Hi Moira Good luck with the event... This is Monty after his hydrotherapy what a great item this is he kept it on for a while and was warm and dry. He actually growled when I went to take it off. I've left your leaflet there so others can take advantage. All the best and thank you.

  • I have 15 rescue dogs of different ages and sizes. Each has their own bespoke coat from Beau Beaus. I train and compete at agility three times a week and these lightweight coats are fantastic. I use them to keep the dogs warm and cosy whilst in the van, to maintain muscle temperature once I've warmed them up, and they are great to pop on if they are wet (often in Cornwall) as they help to dry the dog and prevent chills and mess from a shaking wet dog. Fab range of colours and tailored to fit. Easy wash and dry quickly - brilliant!

    Ann Dunwell
  • I purchased Wesley’s fleece coat when he was 6 months old. I originally needed it to keep him warm when on early morning walks as he was so little, but I have actually found the coat to be a very good training aid. Wesley seemed very nervous around traffic prior to wearing the coat. Since wearing the coat he walks much more confidently and is no longer daunted by the flashy lights of cars. Among other things, the coat keeps him warm and doesn’t take long to dry out if it gets wet in the long grass.

    Trudie Wesley, an 8 month old Jack Russell
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    Beau was involved in product testing and can say: He decided to do one of those tests to see if the coat is destructible. He jumped into a pond wearing his mac. Karin was with him, took off the coat when he came out so that he could dry off a little before he came home. The wind caught the mac and blew it into the pond. She sent him in to get it - but he thought it better to try to jump on top of it - grand game of sinking a coat which went on for some time. He eventually accepted that he was supposed to retrieve it and brought it back and slung it onto the bank. Coat and dog quite nasty by this stage. But thank goodness for outside taps and hoses - both clean quite quickly!

  • I really like the veterinary coats for post anesthesia patients; they provide the much needed warmth that you do not always get with blankets. Especially with dogs and coats that wobble around the kennel. The coats remain on at all times during recovery. Brilliant!

    Sarah Carter, Veterinary Nurse
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    Oscar is only a small dog but has a long back. The material his Beau Beau raincoat is made with does not fold back in the wind as his previous coats have, resulting in him walking with confidence as he stays dry as well as looking extremely smart.

    Wendy Michelmore St. Just
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    My daddy says that I do get rather dirty sometimes. My Beau Beau's fleecey coat has helped immensely to catch all the mud that I bring home after my fun and frolics. My coat is very smart, warm, and toastie. It's ideal for relaxing about the house and in the car.... also now my daddy spends less time hoovering and more time playing with me. I can't recommend one enough. Absolutely 'top drawer'!

    Ben Ben Penzance